Calendar42 services

On top of the full platform experience, you might want to use specific parts of the Calendar42 platform, such as:

Chat bots

XMPP (jabber) based chat bots, extended to support set_items in order to chat with the different objects within Calendar42 (events, users, groups, services, ...)

Activity stream

This is an endpoint where clients can sync all the activities they missed when they were offline.

Async notifier

Custom bots based on IFTTT (IF This, Then That) business rules.


  • Google calendar sync: two-way sync system between Google Calendar and Calendar42.
  • ICS importer including timezone normaliser
  • WebDAV storage

Spatial enricher

It's a service that both translates addresses into geo_positions (geocoding) and geo_positions into addresses (reverse geocoding).


It's a real-time trip planning service that "smartly" creates trips (car, public transport, etc.) based on where Calendar42 thinks you want to come from/go to either by using your events that explicitly state it or by fetching it from your current position or home/work locations. Trips are actively monitored for real-time updates.

Position tracking

Position interpreter: This bot interprets user locations in real-time in order to know where the user might be. The objective is to automatically create events for users based on planned events favourite locations events of peers (social network) favourite locations of peers (social network)


So what are are notifications? Coming from a Calendar42 state of mind, you might simply think of it as "anything that isn’t bulk". Basically, it's a message sent to an individual based on a trigger or action.

We offer

  • SMS text
  • transactional mail
  • native push notifications

All notifications come including custom templates & notification masks.