Provides of trip suggestions towards the provided event.

Supported methods:

  • GET acceptation

GET /events/trip-suggestions/

  • Returns a default response object with a list containing Event objects inside the data object.
  • Note that the returned event objects are considered suggestions and have no id related to it yet. In order to store the event and perform other actions, the event needs to be published to the server


Parameter Required Description
event_type true Event Type (currently only supports arrive_by & depart_from)
transport_modes true Array of Transport Modes
from_location true Tuple with lat lon
to_location true Tuple with lat lon
time true Date time (not required if event_type equals 'route')


Get a trip from point A to arrive at a certain time at point B

/events/trip-suggestions?event_type=arrive_by&transport_modes=[bicycle]&from_location=(42.1 4.5)&to_location=(42.5 4.6)&time=2015-03-24T14%3A29%3A47.613Z

Error responses

Even when the parameters are valid a trip suggestion request might still result in an error due to multiple other reasons. The trip planner might not support the locations send (the case when sending points in the middle of the sea), or the time might be too far in the future or history to be able to route for (in the case of public transport requests). When such cases occur an error message will be returned similar to:

  "error": {
    "status_code": 500,
    "message": "Trip is not possible.  You might be trying to plan a trip outside the map data boundary.",